Frida Kahlo

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An original production of theatre and dance about Frida Kahlo’s life.

It is said that in the last breath, in the final moment before death, a beam of light appears in front of us. This is the moment chosen by the author to begin telling the story. 

Frida watches moments of her perilous life in disorder. She does it as a brush-stroke on a canvas which has always been unfinished. Her personality, fight and sometimes solitude are fused in this performance with love and humour. 

“This woman’s infinite realms are impressive” the text says. 

She does not do this trip in solitude, she will be accompanied by Sardo, an extension of herself, with whom she shares emotions, art and moments of controlled tension… Accompany us as we delve the depths and nuances of Frida’s life. 

Frida Kahlo was a personality whose life was marked by her fighting, self-improvement and love. She demonstrated that strength and love are the same thing, tools for personal growth. Inside each creator there is a bit of Frida, because of what in essence she was: rebellious, committed, struggling…The most meaningful aspects of Frida’s life are brought to life in the play, the emotions and moments that define her life. 

Performance available in Spanish and in English.   


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